Fresh out of the bootcamp and 40 applications later: I landed my first developer job! After sharing some writings on what my journey looked like as a programming student, now’s time to reflect on what it feels like from the other side…

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The time came for me to update my LinkedIn profile: Vanessa Sue Smith, Fullstack Developer, Consultant at Axakon. Proud moment, I could not believe I was now able to write that down.

I was already in Axakon’s recruitment pipeline around a month before my graduation from the Technigo coding bootcamp. A couple of weeks after a nerve-wracking technical…

Last Friday, February 12th I graduated the Technigo bootcamp! Woohoo!~
A day full of amazing energy, a day to feel proud and celebrate!

Now after I’ve enjoyed some anticipated downtime, here comes a little reflection about what I did as my graduation project.
More than the technical aspect of it, I want to focus on the “soft-skills” side, and how good team work, planning and communication played a key role on making this a smooth experience — habits that I am sure will come in handy in my future as a developer.

I worked together with my classmate Sofia

Going down coding memory lane and looking back at the first full-fledged web apps I built right before attending the coding bootcamp. What has changed and how much have I learned? And the importance of code that ages well.

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I am now in the middle of working on my bootcamp graduation project. A combination of both nostalgia and excitement. …

I’ve completed my first Fullstack project and I’m feeling so accomplished that I’m writing this article to make this moment ten times more memorable.

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We’ve finally started the Backend-dedicated sprint in the bootcamp (sadly the last one before it’s Final Project time). Ever since I decided to go Fullstack, I’ve been looking forward to this sprint and getting my hands dirty with some server-building.

Oh and did this first project fulfill all those dreams!

The brief was clear: build a RESTful API with Node on Express using a hardcoded JSON object as data. Look at me: a couple months back…

Everyone’s coding journey and learning pace is different, so more than general lessons, I’m gifting myself this personal post, mainly because I know Vanessa from the future will love reading this some time later, when I am much more further down my coding journey.

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I am now on week 16 of the coding bootcamp, which is already more than halfway. Nostalgia kicks in as we are about to start our last Sprint…

Having come this far, and with a bunch of shiny, new projects to show for it on my portfolio (Yes! I have a portfolio now!), I have routines…

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It’s been already 11 months since I decided to learn to code: I first started to study by myself a couple of hours after work and then enrolled into a 24-week coding bootcamp — I’m on week 13 now.

I’m part of two communities full of people around the world with one thing in common: we are all taking our first steps into programming. I’m no expert, but even as a beginner I can give you some tips that have made the process smoother for me.

The first thing I want to point out is: Give yourself time.

Building that…

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It’s been a while since I was a full-time student. During University I was working days — to pay tuition — and studying evenings. It was probably only until High-School that I could fully enjoy the “only-being-a-student” life.

Last August I started a 24-weeks coding bootcamp with the aim to change careers and work as a Frontend Developer.
True, I started this bootcamp with a clear goal in mind (find a job), but when deciding whether to enroll or not, I also thought of it as a treat to myself: half year of just being a student. Nothing more, nothing less…

Hola! I’m Vanessa. 34 years old. Original from Panamá; I have lived in The Netherlands, Belgium and I currently reside in beautiful Sweden. I’ve been working as a Chef and Kitchen Manager for the last 11 years and I’m now studying to become a Frontend Developer.

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I’m happy to admit that when I tell people about my current career-changing journey, instead of the (potentially) expected: “But why?”, what I get is an excited: “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you… You’ll do great!”. (Fortunately, I seem to be surrounded by the right people).

I’ve loved working as a Chef, especially during…

Vanessa Sue Smith

Former Vegan Chef, now Fullstack Developer | JavaScript lover ~

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